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King's Men

The Purpose of the King's Men

The King's Men is for brothers to reflect that Iron Sharpens Iron.  The group discusses the importance of unity, family, and real life issues. We come together to build one another up in the spirit of love according to the Word of GOD. We discuss the importance of sharing with each other, opening up to each other, and making connections.  We emphasize accountability, commitment, and obedience to all men. The group  interacts with the youth in the ministry and the community by using a balance of truth and life to see lives transformed by doing the will of GOD. The purpose is also to display, by example, our new life in Christ when doing community events, and to recognize that we are to complete each other and not compete with one another. The mission includes to always realize we are stronger as a group than as individuals. We want to do everything to please the Lord. As we grow in Christ we seek to witness to the lost and the hurt. We are remembering that GOD saved us from the same world. No matter whether a person chooses our church as their home we must do our part to give people an opportunity to be saved by preaching the good news of salvation.


A few of The King's Men in action on Family Night


The King's Men believe in mentoring the youth.  During Family Night Bible Study sessions they sit down with the young men and teaching them valuable life lessons.  Below they men are pictured teach the young men to tie Ties.



Expanding the Kingdom


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